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About Our Company

Tyrone Nichols learned about quality work, honesty, and customer appreciation when he worked for his father, a plumber, in the early 1980s. Switching to heating and air conditioning services, Nichols & Sons HVAC was founded in 1986 and has continued to thrive on the reputation of transparency and respect for our customers. As a result, our customers are loyal and call us for any HVAC related issues they encounter.

Owner Tyrone Nichols ready to offer top notch customer service in Tulsa, OK

Our quality of work is built on an honest foundation and a genuine desire to provide excellent customer service. A lot of other companies use tricks and deceive their customers into spending more money than necessary, but we would rather have a customer for life than a one-job pay day. That means you can count on a job well done the first time around, for precisely the right price.

A friendly smile from owner Tyrone Nichols and a colleague

For 35 years, we have made it our goal to ensure our customers are comfortable with the job that they hire us to do. We walk them through every step of the process, and disclose all costs and procedures. You will not be manipulated or taken advantage of when you choose Nichols & Sons HVAC.

As Tulsa’s premiere one-stop shop for all HVAC needs, we are used to cleaning up the messes that “the other guys” leave for our customers. Often times we find that the job at hand isn’t nearly as complicated as our competitors made it out to be. We are happy to take over someone else’s mess and turn it into a good experience for our customer.

You can count on our knowledge and honesty to save you money in the long run, and help you avoid the headache of having to call again down the road because a job wasn’t done right. We ALWAYS do the job right, the first time! Call us today at (918) 585-1686.

What Our Customers Say…

Drainage Hole Clogged?

Is your HVAC drainage hole clogged?

Summer weather is upon us! One way to get better efficiency from your HVAC unit is to clear the drainage hole.

Air conditioners commonly have a drainage hole located at their cabinet’s base. In order for your air conditioner to work effectively, this hole must be kept clear.

Call us at (918) 585-1686 and let us tune up your A/C unit for a comfortable and cost effective summer!

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