Preventative Service Agreement

The best way to keep your heating and air conditioning system working at its utmost capability year round is to take appropriate preventative measures. Even brand new systems can malfunction… but as they age, the chances of failure grow. Left unattended, there is a lot of “wear and tear” that can occur which makes your HVAC system run inefficiently, cost you more money on electricity, and set you up for costly repairs in the future.

Nichols & Son HVAC offers a comprehensive Preventative Service Agreement that can help you avoid all of that. When you hire us to service your HVAC equipment, we make sure that your system is clean, efficient, and in good working condition year round.

  • Owner of Nichols & Sons HVAC, Tyrone Nichols, performs maintenance on a customer's air handler.
  • Working to clean and renew a customer's air handler.

For $150 (residential pricing) per year, your HVAC system will receive a bi-annual check up and cleaning. We come out once in the spring to prepare for the hot summer season, and once in the fall just in time to keep you warm over the holidays. Additionally, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any part replacements found to be absolutely necessary during your seasonal check up.

Our Preventative Service Agreement is available for our commercial customers as well. Call us today at (918) 585-1686 for more information on how you can save yourself the headache of a malfunctioning system down the road!